Connie Conway

Street Photographer

Photography has always been a passion. It was a way for me to capture moments I inherently saw as photographic (photogenic?). My path to photography started in South Jersey where I grew up. For my fifth Christmas, my big present was a Polaroid Land Camera. I‘ve been taking photographs ever since.

I moved from New Jersey to California, and attended Orange Coast College which provided the perfect curriculum for my career goals.  It was a school celebrated for its photography program, and I had the good fortune to study under John Upton, a premier photography historian.

Training is often the catalyst for other related opportunities. Early in my career, I started producing photo shoots for People & Life Magazines. Which lead to an opportunity to produce for the Grammy Awards. I now have my own production company and produce shoots for advertising photographers from around the world!

Current photographic pursuits range from spending days and nights on the streets of Los Angeles to traveling the country in pursuit of the classic Laundromat for a series called “Fluff and Fold.” Previous work includes my first book “Dreams of Ireland” a series of black and white landscapes, shot with Holga Cameras.

The photographs I create are inspired by something I see or experience. Typically, I work with a theme in mind to create photographs that represent a certain place – with an unforced, unexpected element of surprise.

My current project – L.A. After SUNSET – is a series of images that capture the beauty and essence of Los Angeles’ dramatic transformation at SUNSET. Each piece is an illumination of the oddities of the respective landscape – both physical and societal. The end result? Beautiful images which evoke a unique combination of the gritty reality and ethereal make believe of L.A.

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